Welcome to Friday Finances

Hello! I’m glad you are here! There are so many reasons why I created Friday Finances. The most important of those reasons is YOU! I created this blog for those seeking guidance on how to improve their financial situation, save money, make money and/or begin their entrepreneurial journey. I’m here to help! I want to help start businesses, highlight ways of making money on the side, and truly help you improve your overall financial position. We’ll talk credit, investing, saving, and any other topics that will help you create a better life!

Let’s talk about the real for a moment. I’ve been there. I know how it feels to be fed up with working two weeks, get a check, only for all of it to go to bills. There have been times when I have paid overdraft fee after overdraft fee. I know how it feels to not have choices in life because of more money going out then money coming in.

I’m still on the path to financial stability and building generational wealth. Today, the difference is that I have taken the power back from my money. I’ve also utilized my knowledge, gifts, and talents to make money outside of the traditional 9 to 5. I’ve started multiple businesses and tried a number of ways to make money.  It is such an amazing and rewarding feeling to make money from a brand that you created and introduced to the world.  It’s even more amazing to be relieved of stressing over money.

Money woes are stressful and the catalyst for other areas of your life to suffer. Let’s start down the path to financial wealth! I’m here to help you develop a plan and provide you with valuable resources that will assist you in working towards creating financial stability. My hope is that as we journey together, we build bank such that everyday feels like ‘payday Friday’!

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